Silver Nuggets: Senators versus Flyers, Spezza healing, Elliott struggling, and Head shots

The Ottawa Senators head to the road to take on the NHL's best team, the Philadelphia Flyers.  The Flyers have 65 points and 157 goals, both tops in the NHL.  They have four players with at least 40 points, and six players with more than the 27 points of the Senators co-leaders (Daniel Alfredsson and Erik Karlsson).  With things looking so bleak, the Senators will surely win right?  In any case, here are today's headlines:

Tonight's game

  • Game preview (, Sens Extra)
  • Tonight's prediction panel is gloomy, the forecast calling for a loss with a 71% chance of a blowout.  For the record, all seven panelists predicted a loss.  In addition, four predict that the Flyers will score five goals, and only two predicting that the Sens will lose by less than three goals.  Our very own Peter is one of only two people predicting that the Sens break the one goal barrier.  Silly Peter. (Sens Extra)

General Sens News

  • For those of you in the Ottawa area, our very own Peter Raaymakers will be on Rogers TV cable 22 along with Lee Versage and Scott MacArthur tonight at 7 p.m!
  • Everyone's favourite giggling man is inching closer to his triumphant return.  All eyes are focused on him repeating last year's strong finish to the season and helping out yours truly in a couple of fantasy leagues.  In case you missed the giggling reference, I mean Jason Spezza. (Sun)
  • In case you weren't aware, here is more proof of the Senators struggles in the shootout. (Sun)
  • Brian Elliott has lost nine in a row, but Cory Clouston and Chris Kelly think he has played "well" and "great". (Sun)
  • The Senators are lovable losers, they tried hard but still lost. (Citizen)
  • If (ha!  keep a straight face please) the Senators lost tonight, they will be 17-24-7.  That was of course the record that caused Cory Clouston to take over for Craig Hartsburg. (Sens Extra)
  • Robin Lehner might be back soon! Hip hip hooray!  Hip hip hooray! (Citizen)

General Hockey News

  • Don Cherry's view on head shots.  No word on whether pinko commies are to be blamed. (Yahoo!)
  • A more cerebral take on head shots, including a comparison to the NFL rule of no contact with the head at all. (Yahoo!)
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