The No Habs No! campaign is back

mlse: @silversevensens Time to bring back the No Habs No campaign!

silversevensens: @mlse #nohabsno needs to come back. The hockey gods punished me for it last year; you've got nothing to lose, want to take over?

mlse: @silversevensens To me from failing hands you throw the torch. It's mine to hold it high. I accept the legacy of #nohabsno

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The Montreal Canadiens are not only back in the playoffs, they're actually in the driver's seat of their Eastern Conference Quarter-Final series against the heavily favoured Washington Capitals. This can't go on.

As gratifying as it was to watch the Habs' epic collapse last season, it may not have gone unnoticed by the hockey gods; the Ottawa Senators had a similarly forgettable season. With that bad karma in mind, the No Habs No! campaign moves on to fans of a team that can't possibly suffer from more bad karma than they're already trying to make up for: Pension Plan Puppets.

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There are, of course, certain stipulations to which PPP must fulfill in order to take over, and they've agreed to them:

  • All letters must be hand-written, and coinage taped to the letter. It's an elemental part of No Habs No!
  • Use local currency. I suppose that, should you continue the campaign into next year, you can offer Leafs scorers actual Canadian money, instead of Canadian Tire money.
  • Keep in mind the past contributors to No Habs No!, such as Joe Corvo, Alexander Semin, and Tomas Fleischmann, who have the opportunity to ascend to No Habs No! hero category in this series.
  • It's our idea, of course. Keep that in mind.

So look to PPP for plenty of Habs hatred (although it's also welcome here, of course). Sens and Leafs fans don't see eye to eye on much, but a mutual dislike of the Canadiens is one thing we share.

For more about the campaign, and to join on Facebook, visit To buy No Habs No! swag, visit the CafePress store.

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