Stumble and Fall, But Get Back Up

The past few seasons have featured that very same title for the Ottawa Senators. An inconsistent team that can be lights out good at one point, or play like the Toronto Maple Leafs, basically an ECHL team at another point. That's why I'm hoping the recent streak of losses was ended for good last night after Chris Kelly's hat-trick. This is why I believe in Bryan Murray, he has a plan and he won't make irrational decisions just for the sake of making irrational decisions. This team is playoff-bound, and I know it. Swedish men who hate Tiger Woods are always right.

Let's come back to Swedish Land. David Rundblad, you say? He is loudly having his best season in the SEL ever. He's already surpassed his previous season totals with I believe 21 points, which is something, especially in the SEL. Frederik Warg, the Skells captain was injured for 3 games, and Rundblad took over the reins as El Capitano for those three games. Skelleftea went 2-1, losing the finla game 6-0 to HV71, Andre Petersson's team. More on Petersson later. Either way, David's set to go for North America, and he should impress next year in Ottawa.

Andre Petersson is having a disappointing season. He isn't scoring as frequent as I would have imagined, although he did get a goal and an assist in that 6-0 drubbing of our team which I would not like to think about anymore. You do have to also realize that it's likely his final year with HV71 in the Elitserien, and his poor performance may be because of him thinking way too into the future, and not caring about the present. I'm not making any excuses here, but you also have to think for young Swedish men, knowing they will be frazzled once they step on the icy waters of the NHL. I'd although bet he should come back into form and have a strong finish.

This post has become too serious. Although I love my Senators' prospects, I like to include some humour too. Here's a recent conversation I had with a co-worker who is a bandwagon Red Wings fan...


Friend: Hey hey, Red Wings best team in the NHL

Me: Hey hey, eat shit

Friend: Oh, is somebody angry their pathetic Sens are becoming into a meatball?

Me: HEY! At least we have a set, Tomas Holmstrom lost his in front of Ray Emery's net.


Friend: You're horrible

Me: That's not what you're girlfriend said to me last night

Anyways, I translated that from Swedish into English. You'd get it if you were from Swedish Land. And yes, if you were wondering, Betty White commercials run here as well.

Farvall from Skelleftea!

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