Keep on Chugging

Greetings all, it is your favourite man from Sweden, unless you have a man-crush on Dolph Lundgren!

I am very happy to report that I have finished my stay at Skelleftea University, completing a degree major in Design Studies and a degree minor in Kinesiology. Therefore, I have more free time than ever, and will look to write to all of you almost every week, you know, when I don't work and when I don't have a hang-over. Anyways...

So it seems like the Ottawa Senators have hit a snag. Obviously the big win over the Maple Leafs wasn't enough to beat the young Oilers and the feisty Sharks. Personally, I'm in the belief the offense needs a huge wake-up, not the defense. If you look at their last 10 games, the team as a whole is 3-7. 15 (!) goals have been scored, while 31 goals have been given up. Both are startling numbers, yes. I'm not making any excuses now, but the Carolina game obviously wasn't a game for the Senators after the heart-break of Daron Richardson and Luke. During this span, Ottawa changed their defense from scratching Erik Karlsson, Matt Carkner, and David Hale at different times, sort of a merry-go-round for that 6th defenseman spot. While Brian Lee stays in the box eating a double down from KFC.

What all that means is that in 10 games the Sens have scored on average 1.5 goals/game, and have scored no more than 3 goals. Pathetic for an lineup up front that I think was Ottawa's strong spot to start the season. So, instead of making the trade for a defenseman, get someone to spark the offense, and I'm not saying Bobby Butler or Corey Locke from Binghamton. Let's go trade-hunting!

First, I'll say for Bryan Murray, he should approach making a minor trade, bringing in a forward for a roster player or something like that. If the team doesn't respond, blow up Eugene Melnyk's head. All kidding aside, I'm looking at teams struggling now and definetely see the Calgary Flames. Their defense is horrific, and "loaning" them Brian Lee while brining in one of their under-performing forwards would work. And instantly I think of David Moss. A potential 20-goal scorer every season has been hurt by injuries but still for me can work in a run-and-gun system. He had 2 goals, 3 assists in 14 matches this season, and scored 20 and 19 in the 2008-09 season where he also registered a hat-trick against yes, the Sens.

Moss' cap? He makes $1.3 million a year, affordable for the Sens who are due to send both Brian Lee and David Hale to Binghamton. Brian Lee goes the other way, a fresh start for a guy I still believe can become a consistent NHL defenseman. Both teams shake-up their roster, although once again a bit minor. Moss plays left or right wing, so right now I'll say he slides in on the left with Mike Fisher and Daniel Alfredsson on the second line, with Milan Michalek under-performing.

What do you think of this? Yes, I may be a realist, but this team can still come back. Remember, they are 6 points out of a playoff spot. Thier next three games are against Buffalo, the Rangers, and Montreal, three teams that are beatable. Play Brian Elliott because it seems like this team can never score under Pascal Leclaire, despite his tremendous play. Win three straight, and you've got your momentum back. 2 of 3 would be acceptable to me. Other than that, this team would need something major.

Watch out next week from a report on your favourite prospect, David Rundblad! So long from Swedish Land!

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