Booster Club Fav's: NHL Teams

My fellow Senator fans, recently I had the chance to attend a party (I know, I know, I do have friends despite my drunk habits and superstitions regarding Ottawa). A party of many great delights with my fellow Skelleftea fans, pretty much from the booster club. I am happy to let you all know that this time we did have women, painted in the gold and blue that we are. So yeah, now it's sausage fest and women!

Anyways, I polled 113 people at this party in haze that looked like I was out of my mind. Basically, I asked who was your favourite NHL team. So here are the wonderful results, and don't worry, they're not all Henrik Zetterberg fanatics.

In First Place, In No WAY a Surprise...

1. The Detroit Red Wings: 61 votes

The general response when people said that was "GAH GAH HOLMSTROM GAH GAH GAH BUTT GAH". In all seriousness, is this hard to explain? Detroit is a Swedish hockey market, and that will only improve with future Swedish prospects coming up in their system. But this team is not my favourite team, because I am sooooo coool...and orginal.

In Second Place, Housing Swedish Leaf Cast-Offs Since the Beginning of Dawn...

2. The Vancouver Canucks: 23 votes

If there's a set of twins more popular in Sweden than the Sedins, than you'll have to ship me to North Korean Land. And send Kim Jong Il's son after me. However, ti's mostly those two and the history that the team has with Markus Naslund and the former duo on D with Sami Injury Prone Salo and Mattias Ohlund. As well, we like Western Canadian cities so much better than you Frenchies. Except me, of course...

In Third Place, OH MY FREAKIN' GOD NO WAY!!!!! HOLLAAAAAA!!!!...

3. The Ottawa Senators: 19 votes

So, we're third. That's good, right, RIGHT?! 19 other people than me list the Senators as their favorite team in that party, so I know I'm not alone. Daniel Alfredsson really spurns this, as His Greatness even is the model players for a particular Maple Leaf backup goaltender *cough Gustavsson's Heart Just Exploded cough*. But with Erik Karlsson now in the fold and with Skelleftea favourite David Rundblad along with Andre Petersson and Jakob Silfverberg, it works out well. 'Cause in Stockholm, there's soooo much more Sens fans. Promised.

In FREAKIN' Fourth Place, Somehow It Works Out To Be, OH GOSH NO...

4. The Toronto Maple Leafs: 3 votes

I blame this all on Mats Sundin. Those 3 people better have been drunk...

In Fifth Place, SURPRISE!...

5. The New York Rangers: 2 votes

Three words. King Henrik Lundqvist, the best Swedish goaltender of all-time

Another One in Fifth Place, Dare I Say OLE!...

6. Montreal Canadiens: 2 votes

The history, and the fact that something about exiling Finnish hockey players who used to be your captain is something we here in Swedish Land like.

Third in Fifth, In the Night...

7. Dallas Stars: 2 votes

Crowns, stars, no difference, I think. But Loui Eriksson is loved among some Swedish people, although he played for them Frolundas! BOOOOOOO!!!!!

And Last and Least...

8. Atlanta Thrashers: 1 vote

Now this guy was drunk...

Teams Not Mentioned That Were Possibly Obvious...

Chicago Blackhawks

Dunno why, maybe people like Roberto Luongo and taxi drivers that much?

Washington Capitals

This is no surprise. Ovechkin is a stupid idiot here, and we like no Russians! We better than those stinkin' Soviets! Go Herb Brooks!!!!

Pittsburgh Penguins

And nobody likes cry babies...

San Jose Sharks

Douglas Murray ftw.


So long from Swedish Land! And GO SENS GO!!!

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