Let's forget the OTLs...

I recently posted this and I thought i should bring this to everybody's attention. For the past two years, I have been just looking at wins and the number 41. Here's is my well-thoughtout opinion:

The loser point doesn’t count.

Let me explain

The real number is 41 wins. Usually when you get 41 wins you are on the bubble to make the post season. The worst case was the Colorado Avalanche in missing the playoffs in 06/07 with 44 wins & the Montréal Canadiens getting in last year with 39 wins.

Here is a stat for you guys. Only 5 teams have missed the playoffs with 42 wins in a season since the lockout (5 years). If they have 43 wins then that goes down to 2 cases in 5 years. Forget the loser point and just look at the wins.

The case i am making is that the loser points are more academic then really practical. Most teams will have by year end between 6 and 14 OTL losses (93% of all teams last year).

Here is my example, If all teams plays about 20 overtime games in a year (no basis for this number), Team A has 14 OTL and 6 wins, that gives them 28 points. If team B has 6 OTL and 14 wins, that gives them 34 points. So the high and low end of OTL’s impact is a difference of 6 points. Not a lot for a whole year, especially if you consider that those are the extreme of this calculation.

The problem is not that OTL gives you a point for losing, it’s that a regular victory deprives the other team from any points. Look at last years NHL standings, 10 of 16 playoff teams had less then 10 OTL (62.5%) & 12 of 14 non-playoff teams had 10 or more OTL (85.7%).

At best the loser point doesn’t help the team, at worst it seems to be more of a loss then a half-victory

So do like me count down from 41 and hope for more.

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