Senators looking at Sykora

As some of you may have seen on brother blog Pensburgh, Bruce 'Malkin to the Kings' Garrioch is reporting in the Ottawa Sun that the Senators are looking at signing winger Petr Sykora is there ever comes a day when someone's interested in acquiring Dany Heatley for a reasonable return.

Petr Sykora

#17 / Pittsburgh Penguins



Nov 19, 1976

2008 - Petr Sykora 76 25 21 46 3 36 13 0 10 0 180 13.9

If the Sens were to sign Sykora, I'd have no complaints. I acquired in in NHL 2K7 when I was playing, and he was good in that, so I don't imagine real life would be any different. I would, though, have a few reservations.

Last season, Sykora made $2.5M, which--looking at his point totals--is a bargain. If he signed for about the same amount this season (considering his age, you'd expect that to be the case), he'd probably be just the right solution for the Senators' top-six forward needs. Still, he's a natural sniper, of the same ilk as Alex Kovalev, and he can be as streaky (read: 'enigmatic') as Kovalev, too, so you might be forgiven for wondering if we're overloading on what aren't the best traits for a top-six forward.

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Also consider the fact that Sykora's played with some pretty strong linemates the last couple of seasons, notably Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby. Those two would make just about any player's point totals look good, so it's no wonder Sykora's had 109 points in the last two years. Still, that's pretty well in keeping with the trend through his career beforehand, so--at least until he starts to fade due to age--you might be able to expect his point totals to continue at that rate.

And Sykora's noted as a right-winger on most sources, although he shoots left. The Senators have Kovalev and Daniel Alfredsson on the right side already, so the acquisition of Sykora would only make sense if he was willing to play the left side on a line with either of those two. Considering that playing with one of those two, and probably Jason Spezza in the middle, Sykora'd be given every chance to succeed and keep his point totals looking good.

There are some very good reasons to sign Sykora, if Heatley is traded, and if he's willing to play left wing, and if his cap hit is going to be similar to what it was last season, and if the term isn't too long. Assuming it wouldn't happen until Heatley is traded, and dependent upon the return for Heatley (hopefully a second-line centre), this team could very well come out stronger after the trade--and Sykora could be a part of that.

What do you think: Should the Sens sign Sykora?

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